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YORK UK.  The Burton Stone.

YORK UK. The Burton Stone.

--------------Just more than half a mile from my house,at the corner of Burton Stone lane and Clifton YORK England is the "Burton Stone". The garden boundary wall of the Burton Stone Pub surrounds it.---It is a medieval plague stone. It is a large stone about a metre across and tall. It as three hollows in which coins were placed in vinegar, as payment for goods .This was to stop the spread of the plague. I wonder if vinegar is any good today, in the Virus lockdown ? This stone is on the main road North A19. At Hob Moor on the main Road South A64 is another stone, different shape. History repeats its self, today people are putting goods on door steps and standing back 2 metres,to stop the spread of the Virus. In my other earlier blog Blast from the past Eyam , a whole village was quarantined..STAY SAFE EVERYONE .

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